Being yourself every time is boring ― Debby Felix

Ravishingly beautiful Nollywood actress, Debby Felix caught the eye of the world and indeed Potpourri in the movie “Backline” featuring heavyweights like Iyabo Ojo, Funsho Adeolu and Tana Adelana. Of course, these are top stars that would have stolen the show at any occasion but it was that delicate and vulnerable beauty known as Debby Felix.

She won the hearts of many as a surrogate mother to a married couple who had an issue with motherhood. While the husband (Funsho Adeolu) wanted a child, the wife (Tana Adelana), a career actress wanted no child and could not be stomached being a nursing mother. So, they contracted Debby Felix to have a child for them.

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But instead of artificial insemination, they opted for direct copulation. And when the baby was born there was a flow of emotion that would make many not fall in love for the beautiful surrogate mother. She was so right for the character Potpourri had to pull up something on her. It so happened she had an uncompleted interview with Potpourri in 2019.

On why she went into acting:“ Well growing up in Benin city, I stayed with my grandparents sometimes and they had tenants in the compound. I always mimicked them when no one was watching. I mimicked my parents sometimes. Basically, I always want to know what it feels like to be someone else. That’s the essence of my acting. I think being yourself every time is boring, acting helps me become anything I want to be.

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On what acting has changed about her: “I wouldn’t say acting changed me, I am still as ambitious as ever. it rather made me better and It gave me every reason to keep on pushing to be better, to set my priorities straight. I used to be a fast talker, you can barely hear me but when I started acting, all that changed. So much more it has done for me.”

Debby Felix went to a film school in the year 2016; Royal Arts Academy. She got a lead role for her first film titled “Another Time” produced by Uduak Isong for Africa Magic.

Other films she has featured include; Fermented Sin, At Your Service, Twin Souls, Room 420, All Shades of Amanda, Shattered, Ehi’s Bitters, Colorless Flame, Jail to Jail, Names, When Love Comes Calling, High Stakes, to mention but few.

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